Monday, August 26, 2013

No Time for Easing Into It.

I am a weenie. I just needed to lead off with that to make everything clear. 

School has started off like a cannonball into icy cold water when I would have preferred to stick my big toe in and take time to get used to it.

The kids love school and I'm very grateful for that. However, Vaughn in particular, is not used to a full day schedule and is A Mess when she gets home. Overly tired. Almost to tears. 

To make matters worse I have to quickly get the kids fed and push them out the door in order to get to whichever activity is going on that night. I'm walking on egg shells and being very patient with them but it's wearing on me. Plus dinners have been up in the air and bedtimes have been later because of everything. 

From Saturday to Saturday here's our breakdown.

6 soccer/baseball games
5 soccer/baseball practices
3 parties
1 gymnastics practice
5 homework sheets for Vance, 1 project
2 projects for Vaughn 

Cherry on top? Justin was out of town, in the UK, for the entire week.

Once we get where we're going Vaughn is usually pretty good. She's become a master of waiting and we always have her bag packed with plenty of things to do.

I know there are a ton of Superpeople out there and have been operating at these speeds for years. This is new to me and that's why I called myself a weenie. I'm complaining now but I know we'll get into our groove and this will be no big deal soon.  

If you need me I'll be scouring the web for quick dinner ideas cause this Mama is tired of tomato and avocado sandwiches. 

Question of the day: What's your favorite quickie dinner meal?  

2 Responses to “No Time for Easing Into It.”

  1. We don't have kids yet, but are super busy usually anyway; especially this time of year with Harvest, etc. I LOVE my crockpot! SO many wonderful and delicious meals can be done in there or partly done in there (in the case of the chicken enchiladas we enjoy which have to be baked eventually, but the chicken and sauce cook in the the crockpot...). It's a huge time saver and to me SO much better. It takes a few extra minutes in the morning, but worth it to come home to super done or almost done, house smelling good and I can sit down and eat and then take supper to him. Just a thought. Good luck with the new schedule! I'm sure you will all be rocking it like pros shortly!

  2. I only have one kiddo so I can't imagine getting two kids to the places they need to be. I feel your pain. A few things that have helped me over the years. 1) Meal plan every Sunday night...that way your dinner plan is set every night 2) Sunday at our house is a BIG grilling night that way I can re-invent the left over grilled food into other meals. This is handy since the meat portions of a meal seems to be the most time consuming 3) I usually have a few meals that when I make them I double the recipe so I have one or two freezer meals for emergency nights...this has saved me many of times 4) There are many a times I actually make the dinner while Logan is still at school and then just reheat once he is home. Hope these help :)



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