Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Getting new carpet means you have to shuffle your stuff. I talked about this last week but since we spent part of the weekend moving our stuff back in to the finished rooms stuff has been on my mind. 

"Who put that stuff there?"

The only reason the above pot is there is because someone unpacked it from a moving box and set it there. There it lives because it's gone unnoticed for the past year and a half. Looking around, this principal can be used for the majority of the stuff placed around our house.  

I just realized my decorating style is sheer laziness. Fantastic! I guess acknowledgement is the first step to recovery.

Moving all the little stuff back into our rooms was a hard task just because I don't like a lot of stuff everywhere. Horizontal spaces full of knick knacks drives me crazy. Counters lined with stuff makes me nuts. Seeing my closet with absolutely nothing on the floor? Perfect. Breath of fresh air. Hauling back in the shoe racks, laundry baskets, etc. was painful. Stuff everywhere again.


It was a new carpet miracle that I somehow was able to shuffle Vaughn's stuff so that I could fit the Barbie Dream House into her closet and out from the open in her room. She still has plenty of room to play and now there's space in her room for a cute chair or something like that. 


All this talk about stuff has reminded me of George Carlin's bit about stuff. (NSFW)

So, how do you feel about stuff? Are you like me and don't like a lot of stuff or are you the 'more the merrier' type? 

Happy Tuesday!

3 Responses to “Stuff”

  1. Less is more in my book too unless when it
    Comes to shoes and jewelry! I noticed that the mirror wasn't by the pot! Did it get hung?

  2. No "STUFF" here either. You know when your house is on the market and you are supposed to get rid of all the clutter........that is my everyday style :) Less is much more for me.

  3. Haven't hung the mirror yet. Something seems wrong about hanging things on ugly wall colors. Gotta get that room painted first, then I'll start decorating!

    Karen, I'm with you!



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