Thursday, August 29, 2013

Vaughn Update

I have great ideas on what to write when I don't have time to write. Now that I have nothing but time I have nothing at all to say. 

Writing classes say when you don't know what to write just write anything. What you had for breakfast, the color of your socks, what you see out the window, etc. just to get in the habit of writing. The words will come. 

While I wait for that to happen here's a Vaughn update.

Vaughn loves school. She's a bear to wake up in the morning but as soon as she's up and moving she sings about being so excited for what's on the schedule that day. "I have ART today!" "I'm so excited! We get to go to the library today!" This, plus many more reasons, makes it clear that we made the right decision on switching her from half day kindergarten to full day. (There's a choice in our district. Half or full day. Half day kindergarten is free, full day you have to pay for. I first registered her for  half day. Months later, feeling that full day was the correct choice for her, we changed our minds and luckily they had spaces left.) 

At home all she wants to do is play with her Legos. There's not much time to play with them in the morning (Actually it's an incentive for her to get ready quickly.) and same goes after school. I've mentioned how busy we are lately after school so again, no time. However, yesterday we didn't have anything so it felt great to say, "Yes, Vaughn, you can go play with your Legos." 

She's still funny as ever. I was crying-laughing at her over the weekend watching her multi-task a sucker and scooping banana muffins.


Love her. 

Have a great day! 

2 Responses to “Vaughn Update”

  1. Miss her face! XO

  2. Is it not the BEST feeling when you see the results of your GOOD decision??? Good job Mama!!!



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