Tuesday, September 17, 2013

7 Year Itch: My Blog Birthday

A few days ago this blog turned 7 years old. I started it as a way to keep family up to date on baby Vance since we lived so far away. I would have started blogging sooner but I couldn't think of a title name. Tired of waiting, I just went with one of the scratched out ideas and here we are today - still not loving the name.

{the Madtown was because we were living in Madison, Wisconsin at the time and my last name may or may not contain a version of Mac.}

Seven is fitting because I do have an itch to change things up. The majority of what I normally talk about here is changing which means there is less to talk about. 

Projects for kids? We don't do many because they're both in school full time. 

Stories about the kids? As they get older it's harder to share. Their privacy is important and I don't want to embarrass them. 

Cooking? Being busy with after school activities means barely any time for cooking.

Beauty tips? Long time readers know that my Perfect Polish post was a fluke. I just happened to share how I paint my toenails and it took off. Way off. And to this day it pains me that my big toe has graced so many computer screens. 

Crafty Lady stuff? This seems like the only thing I have left to chat about but come on - there's a ton of better craft/art sites out there. Also, there's a lot of crafty crap out there and it feels as if everything is being overdone.

So that covers the majority of reasons on how you found this site. Now I just need to find a way to keep you! 

It's time for a change and I'm not sure what that looks like yet.  What I do know is that I am struggling with finding new things to talk about. I enjoy writing and love all the surprises that have come my way because of this blog, so I won't be quitting or anything like that. It just may take me a bit to find my groove. That being said, I am looking forward to seeing what another year will bring.  

Thanks to all of you for stopping by and reading throughout the years. I truly appreciate it.     

5 Responses to “7 Year Itch: My Blog Birthday”

  1. Happy 7 years to Madtown Macs! I always look forward to your blog posts...love your wit and style sis ;) Can't wait to see what changes lie ahead of you! Love your blog and you ;) XO

  2. Hi...I found you through your polish post but stayed because I liked what you had to say. You didn't say you were looking for suggestions on what to continue to write about so here's an unasked for suggestion: how about writing about YOU? Something that happened during the day and how you felt about it. Or something you overheard. Or an article you read (about anything). Just something that made you think about it for more than five minutes. Then tell us what happened and your internal thoughts about it. Or your external response to it. Or both. As your sister said, you are witty. I'd like to hear about how YOU experience life. A post you did recently mentioned briefly your out of control laughter watching your daughter multi-tasking between filling muffin cups and her devotion to her sucker. It occurred to me that may have been the first time you had said something about how you felt about something. Reading about how hilarious you found the scenario made me appreciate more your picture of her doing it. I suddenly felt like I stepped inside your kitchen and stood beside you for a second, also grinning at Vaughn. It was nice. Thanks! Delphi

  3. Happy Birthday!!!! Always love to read your posts. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for the future. I know it will be just fabulous!!!!

  4. I found you because of the Pottery Barn rug fiasco.

    I have been reading ever since and had the time to start from your blog beginning...

    ...and you've read some of mine too! :D

    I tend to write about mundane everyday things...my child is grown and out of the house, so that's all I've got.

  5. Thanks everyone for the comments! Meeting new internet friends has been the biggest surprise of all. Thanks so much for the encouragement!



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