Monday, September 09, 2013

Here's the Plan: I need a plan.

Here's the plan: I need a plan. The honeymoon phase of both kids being in full time school is wearing off and I am finding out that I have no idea how to schedule myself. 

The obvious and important tasks are getting done - laundry, grocery shopping, Target trips, but a ton of other stuff keeps falling through the cracks. I know how my brain works and I operate best if I have a schedule with deadlines.

I sat down yesterday and wrote out a simple weekly calendar and just started filling events in. I also forced myself to make grocery lists. I tend to do these in the mornings while I am rushing to pack lunches and get the kids out the door and it makes everything so much more chaotic. If a day has been unusually crazy I take time at the end of it to think what would have made the day better. The answer is always me being more organized. So that's my goal. 

Also, I am going to start announcing more projects here in hopes that I stay on top of everything. This weeks project is boring but needs to be done. 

Task #1: Hem the curtains.

I have 4 panels that have needed to be hemmed for over the past year. I had them pressed two weeks ago and actually got a little head start on one of them last week. 

Are you a seamstress? Did you feel a sharp pain last Friday afternoon as if something was amiss? Sorry, it was just me mistreating my window treatments by not taking them down to hack them off. Be prepared to be underwhelmed on my finishing tactics! I'm hoping that the iron on tape will work but if not I'm going to have to drag out the sewing machine. Fingers crossed!
Deadline: Friday 

How do you stay scheduled? Let me know!

3 Responses to “Here's the Plan: I need a plan. ”

  1. OMG...just take the curtains to a seamstress and you'll have more time to schedule yourself to other projects! I write everything down on a calendar and have now started putting them into my phone since my days are getting hectic with my overscheduled kids! Everything will fall into place soon...hang in there ;)

  2. I too use my phone. I used to be super big on the wall calendar. But when you are out an about you don't have that with you when you are trying to make appointments. My phone is my life. I love that I can set reminders before appointments and they pop up etc.
    I took me a long time to go from tactile world to techno world but I finally got the hang of it :)
    Good Luck. You will settle in soon. :)

  3. I feel your pain. I finally have all four kids in school and have gotten absolutely nothing accomplished in my 30 "free" hours a week. I even bought myself lots of cute new organizing crap, but they're still sitting in the bag ;) I feel more stressed out now than I did when I had kids at home!!



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