Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Quick Halloween Headband How-To

I'll never excel at craft blogging because of my timing. I do most crafts the day before whatever we are celebrating, never weeks nor months (ha!) ahead. 

Being that today is the day before Halloween it's time to get crafty. 

I just finished (literally minutes ago) a quick Halloween headband for my daughter to wear to school tomorrow using materials I found around the house.

I hot glued tule trim and ribbon around a small witch hat and glued it onto an old headband. 
I cut strips of black felt and glued them over the headband to help secure the hat to the headband.

Cute but not quite done yet. On another pass through the house looking for stuff I found black and white bakers twine and a sparkly spider and glued those on as well. 

Might be the quickest craft I've ever done! Not the best but Vaughn will love it.

Bonus! Another quick idea to up the spookiness: I picked up 2 of the carving kit's that I mentioned last week and used one for a hostess gift for the Halloween party we went to. I simply tied twine around it and glued a fake spider onto the tag.  

It took longer putting this post together than making the actual headband itself. That means there's still time for you too! Get to it! 
Happy Halloween Eve!

2 Responses to “Quick Halloween Headband How-To”

  1. So crafty! Love it Sis! It reminds me of the one that I bought at homegoods a couple years back :)



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