Monday, November 11, 2013

Friday 5: The Late (Birthday) Edition

Here's to 

for clearing their busy work schedules 

so that 

could celebrate

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When this trip presented itself approximately 50 tons of Mommy Guilt came with it. Going meant I'd be gone for my birthday, would miss the Mother and Son school event, helping Vaughn with her Star Student stuff, Watch Week at ballet, going on Vance's field trip, being the mystery reader for Vaughn's classroom, and missing Vance's last soccer game. I couldn't believe so much was happening in 4 short days.  

Not going meant I would miss the rare chance of a Mother-Daughter-Sister trip with a side bonus of seeing family in Texas. (Not to mention missing out on fantastic shopping opportunities.) I've never been on a girl's trip and I, myself, have only been away from the kids for a total of 3 nights. Justin travels the world - I can go to Houston and not have everything fall apart, right? Right! I'm going!

I have never shopped marathon style like this. On Thursday alone we did 7 hours at the Nutcracker event without ever (ever!) sitting down. We ate lunch standing up! On Friday we hit it hard again with another 7 hours. When we couldn't find our size we had the store order it and ship it directly. When that service wasn't offered we took to our phones and ordered it ourselves. It was resourceful shopping at its finest. 

It was hard being away from Justin and the kids on my birthday but I knew we would celebrate when I got back. My mom and sister planned dinner for my birthday at Truluck's, which was a great way to ring in year 35.  

I am so glad that I went. Yes, I missed things at home but I would have missed even more if I hadn't gone. So many great memories were made in 4 short days. 

Justin and the kids planned a little party for me when I got back into town. The house was clean, they put up signs, made and decorated a cake, planned dinner, and it was all so special. It felt nice to be missed.

 Like I said above, none of this could have happened without Justin and Mark moving their schedules around in order to be with the kids. A huge thank you to them!

Hope you all had fantastic weekends too!


2 Responses to “Friday 5: The Late (Birthday) Edition ”

  1. So glad you decided to come with so much going on back home that you missed! I can't tell you enough how much I enjoyed hanging with you and mom! Can't wait to do it again! Love ya ! XOXO

  2. Aww I love all of it. So glad you got to go. Moms deserve a trip too. It is hard to "miss" stuff at home but it is also so nice to be "missed" at home. I totally get your guilt and glad you were able to let it go and have fun with your sis and Mom. Hope you have a great week.



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