Thursday, November 14, 2013

Soundtracks of Our Homes

Every house we have lived in has a soundtrack. 
I can hear a certain song or show and instantly I'm taken back. 

Reading Edie's post yesterday made me realize this. She was talking about how each of her holidays have soundtracks and this is what started me thinking how sounds (and smells!) are linked to so many memories. 

Going back, waaaayy back....

If I hear the Sex and the City intro song it immediately takes me back to our first townhouse. Every Sunday night we would have family over, cram into our tiny family room and watch the line-up of SATC, Curb your Enthusiasm, and Band of Brothers.

Our next place, our first real house, would be Norah Jones. We would listen while making dinner together and turn it up loud so we could hear it outside while dining al fresco.

An odd mix of Amy Winehouse, Janet Klein, Colbie Caillat, Super Why, and the Guitar Hero songs take me back to our second house. 

After moving from our second house and before moving into our third house we lived at my parent's house for a few months. Pinky Dinky Doo and other PBS shows bring me back to Vaughn's newborn days. (Vance may or may not have watched a lot of morning TV during those intense newborn/regressing 3 year old/living out of suitcases time of our lives.)

Things got a little edgier with 50 Cent at our third house. His Candy Shop song was new and overplayed by the radio stations that we listened to while painting rooms and peeling wall paper. Also, the soundtrack of Juno, a certain lullaby CD, Bob the Builder, and Diego's Moonlight Rescue will always bring me back to this house. 

We are still happily compiling songs at our fourth and current house.

I love that our brains work this way, well at least mine anyway.  Do you have soundtracks for events in your life too? 


2 Responses to “Soundtracks of Our Homes”

  1. "Don't Stop" by Fleetwood Mac. I had a horrible home life for six years for middle and high school. That song helped me get through the last couple of those years.

  2. Oh I love this. We also have songs for different locations/eras of life. I love how a song can totally "take you back". Good Stuff!!!!



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