Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend Update: Trees are up!

Our trees are up and the stress of the season came right along with it. Can you feel it? I can!  

Vance was first to finish his tree in his room. He always saves the star to put on last.  

Vaughn finished hers right after Vance. She does not have a tree topper and keeps reminding me that we need to get one. 

The kids love having trees in their rooms. They love the glow of the lights and being able to call it their own.

We put up our main tree too but right after getting the star on top it snapped in two. Looks like I'll be shopping for two tree toppers this year! 

Today I'll be making a mad dash trying to get my to-do list done. It includes finding activities for a third grade winter-themed classroom party. Anyone have any good ideas? 

Hope you all had a good weekend! 

3 Responses to “Weekend Update: Trees are up!”

  1. Good job on all the trees.
    For our kiddos winter parties we did a lot of Minute to win it games. So easy (as you know) and you can change some of the items to make them "winter/holiday" themed. One year we also had them "build a snowman" out of powered doughnuts then that was their snack to eat!!!!
    Good Luck!!

  2. Glad the trees are up and that reminds me that my kiddos don't have stars for their trees...need to put on the to do list! Good luck with the games...I'm of no help with that one. Can you do something with candy canes?

  3. What about filling a mason jar up with Christmas m&m's and letting them guess how many are in there...winner takes it home. It's not active but easy...we actually did that in Ryan's class last year and they loved it! Actually did two jars...



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