Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Santa pictures through the years

Every year I put less and less decorations up but the one thing I always look forward to yanking out of the decoration box is the Santa picture frame.

I keep all the old Santa pictures behind the newest one so when it is time to add one I can go back and look at the oldies.

I used to have a fancier frame but it broke last year so I had to find a quick replacement for this year. 

Do you have a favorite decoration?

2 Responses to “Santa pictures through the years”

  1. o.k. you're making me tear up! can't believe how much they have changed right? miss their faces and yours of course! favorite christmas decoration would be my ceramic xmas trees...I don't put up much either anymore. Have to make the ones I do count! late...

  2. The Snow Globe. I'm not a "collector" or anything and don't decorate much but for some reason the snow globe just means Christmas to me. :)



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