Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Dining Room Ideas

Dining Room

I need a break from talks of wind chills, snow depths, and school cancellations. Lets talk color and dining rooms.

I threw this mood board together in hopes that it will bring direction and motivation. Our incredibly boring dining room is next on the to-do line up and I am still a little lost. 

Here's what I am working with:
Greige walls, tannish brown carpet, a similar table, and the exact light fixture. I would love new chairs but those will have to wait. (I'm thinking big and comfy chairs for the ends and something parson-y for the others.) Also, I already have the reclaimed barn wood that will be put up on one wall. The wood is a mixture of browns and grays and I am looking for a color that will compliment both.

I'm thinking blue might be the answer! What do you think?

Here's hoping for warmer weather and that school will be open tomorrow! Have a great day!

2 Responses to “Dining Room Ideas”

  1. Very cool love the wood idea. I like the blue but I think something bold would be cool too. I love having clean lines, simple colors and then something bold to make a statement. I could see a good warm orange in there too. That would be fun :) Keep us posted

  2. I like the navy idea...start with your wood first! Can't wait to see it



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