Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Road Trip

For many reasons, I do not excel at road trips. When it comes to traveling I prefer the quickest way possible to get to the destination. Thank goodness Justin and I have always agreed on this. We're flyers, not drivers. 

That being said, we had to take a road trip last week. Our destination was so remote that even if flew we would still have a 5 hour drive after landing. 

So we drove almost 10 hours to Kansas on Thursday...

and turned around and drove almost 10 hours back home on Friday.

 The kids were fantastic both ways which it made easier. I, on the other hand, nearly lost my mind out of boredom. I was at my breaking point and still had at least 3 hours to go.

Our only saving grace was satellite radio and off the wall programs such as Forensic Files. They saw us the way home. 

The next morning we were right back at it with two basketball games and a much needed date night.

Looking forward to slowing things down a bit this week!

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