Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Put a (faux) Fish On It

Remember this sad little guy? 
He had been banished into a cabinet since his friend (another faux fish) that was glued above him had crashed to the floor one mysterious night. I recently re-found him and decided this little ceramic sardine deserved a little TLC.

I bought an unfinished wood plaque, painted it white, and in my head thought that would be enough. However it was just too boring. A little somethin', somethin' was necessary. 
{Wait - before going on, have you seen or used these little plaques before? They are cheap, come in different shapes and sizes, and I now want to glue everything onto one. It may become an obsession!}

It is not necessary to bring you along for the thought process, but why not? Here are some of the different possibilities. 

Keeping in mind that this would hang on a dark blue wall I ended up choosing the damask. The quatrefoil was a strong contender but the paper is really thin and I worried about the glue seeping through and discoloring it. The damask is a piece of scrapbook paper that is really thick so I was sure it could handle the glue. 
I outlined the raised surface of the plaque -a little tricky- but figured it out by pressing a piece of foil around the edges, cutting it out then using it as a template for cutting out the damask paper. After all the cutting, I used a thin layer of Elmer's glue to glue the paper onto the wood.

When it was dry I hot glued the fish on top.  

There he is back in full glory! So much better! Although my dog looks a little sad. Maybe he needs a little plaque of his own?!

(Don't worry, I kept his party hat for special occasions. How else is a faux fish supposed to look fancy?)

Have a great day!

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