Thursday, May 29, 2014

And we're off!

Vance was stepping up to the plate as I was walking up to the field last night. He was hit with the first pitch and ran off to first base before I could snap a picture but I wanted to capture 
the moment. 

Last night was a cluster of activities for both kids. Vaughn went from tap shoes to ballet shoes to softball cleats to flip flops. Vance went from tennis shoes, to soccer cleats, to baseball cleats. Thankful for this beautiful sunset for being a calming end to such a crazy day. 

Vaughn was quite proud of the dirt that she left at the bottom of the tub after she got out and called for me to come and see. It wasn't until 11:00 that we all got into bed and I think it's safe to say summer break has begun with a bang. 

2 Responses to “And we're off!”

  1. I CAN'T wait for summer break to start! 11:00 bedtime...We are in :) One more week...

  2. Wish it was summer for us. 6 more school days!!!!!! That sunset is amazing. Happy Summer!



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