Friday, May 09, 2014

Butterfly Birthday Favors

Vaughn had her birthday party at The Butterfly House this year. They put on a cute birthday party for little girls and handle everything, so the least I could do was make cute little favors to pass out. 

I made these logos then printed and cut them out. (I really need to invest in a 2" circle cutter.)

I found these cute bags at Michael's and bought a bunch of wildflower seed packets at Home Depot.

I slipped the seeds in the bags and used a glue stick to attach the cut-out logo. 

Now the girls can plant the seeds and attract their own butterflies!  

I added a pair of wearable butterfly wings for the girls and decided these have been the easiest birthday favors I have ever done. A win-win! 

2 Responses to “ Butterfly Birthday Favors”

  1. Adorable sis! Yes, there's nothing better when all of the party details are taken care of!

  2. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Im sure the mothers loved that favor too! Nothing better than some flowers and butterflies! Great idea.
    Love, Mom



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