Thursday, June 05, 2014

Make This: Continuous Line Drawings

These are the perfect rainy day activity - continuous line drawings. I cannot take credit - these are Meg Duerksens's ideas. 

Check out her Crazy Owls here - they are so much fun

Continuous meaning the line continues and you don't pick up your pen until you are finished with the drawing. It's a bit tricky - I remember using this practice for self portraits with 6th graders back when I taught art and how uncomfortable they were with it. When you're ready to color it in, change colors every time you come to a line. The end results are so much fun. 

The pictures are a bit misleading and look smaller than they really are. My fish is about 14" long and the kids owls are between 16" and 18".

Vaughn's owl

 Vance's owl

From start to finish these took us about an hour. I was really surprised that the kids stuck with it and finished - especially Vance, who was a bit hesitant at first to do this one. 

Another idea to keep those kids busy!

One Response to “Make This: Continuous Line Drawings”

  1. these are awesome!! i'm looking forward to a slower pace and enjoying more of things like this during the summer.



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