Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Past 3 Weeks

Yesterday I brought my laptop outside so that I could stream music to the wireless speakers for the listening enjoyment of Vaughn and her friend. One hasn't lived until you have used sidewalk chalk to make magical dance floors while listening to the Disney channel on Pandora. My point? That was the first time I've used my computer in awhile. 

It has been crazy here lately. Up early, busy throughout the day, and then crawling into bed past our usual bedtimes. Here's a bit of what our summer has been like so far.

The deer keep eating our birdseed. It's a battle.

 Baseball with awesome sunsets.

Baseball in the rain.

Baseball in the heat which calls for braids so that hair gets out of your face.

Third baseball camp in three weeks. This week featured two Cardinal players. 

Lacrosse camp at night.

 The kids planned a night of activities. Vaughn made this "Party Centrel" sign. Cutest thing ever. 

More sunsets.

Last but not least, donuts. (or doughnuts?) This was the first time that we've ever taken the kids to get them. 

It's been a great summer so far. Hope yours is going well too!

One Response to “The Past 3 Weeks”

  1. Looks like fun!!!!!! Lots of baseball going on here as well...and swimming........and science camp.........and computer camp........I think Mommy needs a wine camp :)



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