Monday, July 14, 2014

Hands down the best nail polish dryer

Sun, heat, pool water, and painting is not the recipe for good looking fingernails. The short story is that the weekend was hard on my nails which led me to think back to the last time they were looking their best. 

Unfortunately, I don't have another trip to the spa lined up anytime soon but I remembered that this awesome product can be bought and make your home nail session a little more like the real deal.

This is CND's SolarSpeed Spray which is a nutrient and polish dryer spray. My sister and I loved the almond scent and the way it made our skin feel. It was so good that we snuck sprays on our feet while waiting for our Mom and Aunt's manicures to end. Believe me, you'd do it too. 

*CND does not know who I am - I'm just sharing awesome products!

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