Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The (Almost Finished) Pantry Project

Some days you wake up on a mission and never stop to question if what you're doing makes sense. This is how the Pantry Project started. In hind sight, I should have waited for the kids to start school but no, I started this project with a schedule already full of errands and other kid related stuff. I couldn't take the unfinished wood and oil stained shelves one day longer. Let's do this!   

Just one section of the chaos. 

I started with two coats of primer on the shelves.   

While those dried I thought about paint colors for the walls. I jumped from plain white to dark colors and every scenario in between but ended up choosing  the main color that's already all over our house. We had paint leftover, so I didn't need to buy any thus more money for the lighting budget, and it flows with the rest of the house. 

I don't have pictures of every step and even forgot to take a picture before loading all the food back in. Here was my process though after priming the shelves.
 -Cutting in the wall color (Holy cow there was a lot of that.)
-Rolling the wall color
-Filling in nail holes on shelf edging and random gouges in the wall
-Cutting in second coat
-Rolling second coat
-Cutting in shelves with Sherwin Williams enamel paint (sticky and thick! a little hard to work with!)
-Rolling the rest of shelves
-Cutting in second coat
-Rolling second coat

All those steps, plus drying time, plus stopping to make the kids meals, running them to where they needed to be, errands, etc., is exactly why such a small room took 5 days to finish. 

Quick story about the shelf color: I wanted a white and needed to pick before leaving the house to run an errand, so I quickly looked through a couple of color decks. I picked Cloud White by Benjamin Moore and, like I always do, Googled it quickly to see images of it on a bigger scale. Who knew so much drama could be created over a paint color! I guess Cloud White has long been noted by designers as the perfect white but there's many out there that clearly don't agree. Funny that I picked the color out of two giant paint fan decks.  

Anyways, here's a little shot of the almost finished product. I got rid of a ton of stuff and it feels great. I still need to buy a few more baskets and such, but that I will do without the kids in tow. Definitely worth the 5 days of chaos. 

This post has gone on long enough - kudos to you if you're still reading. What's left to do besides baskets? I promised the kids a dry erase wall that I'm now reconsidering and the light fixture. I want something fun and had a chandelier in mind but now think it may be too big for the space. I may save this for the laundry room and opt for something different for the pantry. 

There you go! A peek inside our pantry! 

2 Responses to “The (Almost Finished) Pantry Project”

  1. How about having under the shelf lighting to illuminate the items further back and in corners? Labels on the shelf edges to help organize? Will your additional baskets be wicker or wire? Metal or mesh? Huh, unintentional alliteration. Fun! :) I love looking at projects like these. It made me smile that you think taking five days on a project like this is a long time. I moved to a new place with my mother in January and still have eight boxes to unpack. I wish I had your get-up-and-go-ness!

  2. While the pictures seem dark, the pantry is anything but so no need for additional under shelf lighting. No labels on the shelves as I am always moving things around. I don't want to overthink or over design such a small space - I've got bigger projects to focus on! Thanks for the suggestions though!



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