Friday, October 10, 2014

Trader Joe's Favorites

Let's talk Trader Joe's. I love it for many reasons - the prices are great, they offer a lot of organics and all house brand items are Non-GMO (but not labeled that way, read why here), it's small which means I can do my shopping quickly, and it's a fun environment. Want to try something? Just ask an employee and they'll open it for you - including wine! However, they do have one big con in my book: I've had to take moldy cheese and bad chicken back more than a handful of times. They are always apologetic but I've learned it's easier to not buy those items anymore. Still, it's not enough to keep me away. Besides their frozen veggies and produce, here are my favorite Trader Joe's staples. 

Tomato soup 
The taste is perfect and added bonus is that it's not in a can.

Nuts and berries of every form
We're big nuts and berry eaters around here and the variety and prices can't be beat. 

Ch-ch-ch-chia seeds 
Again, the price is great and everybody gets a tablespoon in their morning smoothies. Fiber is your friend!

Fully cooked bacon
Vance and I don't eat bacon but the other two do. BLAT's are perfect for quick dinners and this keeps me from having to actually cook bacon.

Steamed lentils
Ready to eat on their own or can be added to recipes. I just made Smitten Kitchen's stewed lentils and tomatoes and these lentils were perfect. Just toss them in about 10 minutes before serving to warm them up. 

Blood orange soda
This is the kids favorite fun drink. Added bonus is that it's not too bad with vodka. It's bubbly but not too sweet. 

Not just for Indian food! Goes with everything, especially with the above mentioned steamed lentils, and can double as a pizza crust. They sell a garlic flavor one that is good too!

Frozen brown rice
A huge time saver for me. Comes in microwavable pouches, but I don't cook it that way. Just empty the bag of rice into a glass bowl then microwave. Sometimes I add a handful of frozen broccoli to it and cook it all together. This is Vaughn's favorite quick meal. I've tried the organic version but didn't like it as much.

Frozen berries
Can't beat the price! We use them for smoothies everyday. 

 Chocolate coconut dairy-free "ice cream"
Perfect mix of chocolate and coconut.

Speculoos cookies
A less-spicey ginger snap. 

 Now it's your turn to share! What are your Trader Joe's favorites?

3 Responses to “Trader Joe's Favorites”

  1. I'll be able to tell you my favorites as soon as they open up here a couple miles from our house! WooHoo! I love a good tomato soup and mom always raves about that one...can't wait to try it!

  2. we like any of their trail mixes as well. I don't buy much of their frozen meals anymore because of the smaller servings. My family are big eaters and it just never was enough for us. I do love to buy their frozen green beans. HUGE bag for $1.99. They are full cut and super yummy. Logan loves their Herb Popcorn and their wine section is ALWAYS fun to check out. :)

  3. ours is supposed to open in Southlake sooooon! they keep pushing back the opening and it's maddening.
    i've been driving to Highland Park and getting that chocolate coconut ice cream! delish!
    here are some of our faves lately
    the baked snap peas in the chip section
    the have the best canned pumpkin
    the best brown rice pasta hands down!!
    love their sheep's milk feta
    chicken sausages are yum!
    banana chips
    and the dark chocolate nutty bits. to. die. for.



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