Thursday, November 20, 2014

10 Days left of NaBloPoMo

In a strange twist of events tonight, I was at basketball and Justin was at an art studio. He knew I'd be jealous, so he thoughtfully texted pictures. 

Justin and I have starting watching Dexter on Netflix and have one show left in season 2. That's exactly why I'm going to leave this post short tonight. Can't wait to see what happens!!! 

(10 more days of daily posting and the countdown is definitely on!)  

2 Responses to “10 Days left of NaBloPoMo”

  1. I don't remember what NaBloPoMo is short for, only that it's a challenge you accepted to write something on your blog every day this month. However, I am sad at the approaching sunset of NaBloPoMo because I've enjoyed what you've written.

    I would not like to HAVE to write something daily either. My mom used to tell me she thought I'd make my living at writing because she thinks it's a talent of mine. It took me years to get her to understand that I was only good at writing when I wrote according to my whims, not another's deadlines.

    I'm one of the odd people who found your blog when you once wrote about something to do with nails (I'm a nail art lover), then stuck around as one of your blog's subscribers because I found the glimpse into your life you were offering on the Internet to be interesting; plus, because I'm on the crafty side, I thought we had more in common than the appreciation of a good manicure.

    As I've followed your blog though, I've come to realize our lives are vastly different. The "kinship" I initially felt when reading your blog has turned into enjoyment at having a peek into your so-different-than-mine life.

    Hmm, I'm four paragraphs into this comment and I'm wondering what it is I'm trying to say. (Another reason why I don't write professionally.) I think my point is: I'm wondering what your blog posting frequency will be when you're "set free" of your self-imposed goal to post every day for a month. I'm curious to see what effect NaBloPoMo will have on your blog in the immediate aftermath. I imagine it might be hard to tell though as it would be natural for you (and all bloggers) to write less during the upcoming, busy, busy holiday season.

    Have you discovered any effect, good or bad, NaBloPoMo has had on your writing? After reading your post the other day about coats and jackets, I realized how much I enjoyed the peek through your eyes into just a sliver of your world. It's also interesting when your post is an accounting of some or all activities done that day, but the writing you did about your frustration with the coats spilling over really connected to my humor bone. Especially when you closed that segment with "Animals."

    Alright, I'm going to stop commenting on your blog about your life and go back to living mine. I am looking forward to reading what you write next. :)

  2. We never got into Dexter but glad you are enjoying it. High five to JMac for texting you pics last night ;)



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