Saturday, November 15, 2014

Gonna Be Gapers

Gaper: A novice who stands out as being clueless on the slopes. 

We are prepping for our first family ski trip and we're totally going to be gapers. Apologies now, brah. I have skied once which makes me the expert of my group. The kids and Justin have never skied, so this is big.

Today we tried on helmets and goggles to see what brands we like and what sizes fit. Starting the process is taking some of the stress out of the whole process and I feel like I have a better grip on the situation now. That being said, I will welcome any advice that you may have. 
What ski tips do you have for us?!?

*Vaughn was not unhappy on this trip, I just happened to catch her in between smiles. Notice that she's rocking some serious red rim? Girl can't stop licking her lips and they are ridiculously chapped! I feel all kids go through this stage and this is a right of passage...but I'm done with it and hate it for her. I keep chasing her and putting on chapstick, coconut oil, heavy duty lotion, and and everything! 

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