Tuesday, November 04, 2014

NaBloPoMo Day 4: What's Wrong With People?

I'm irked. Here's the story.

There's a locally owned shop in the mall where I live. This shop features and supports local artists and sells their handmade items. Being an artist and someone who values local businesses, I want to love this shop but I have a big issue with it. 

Through the years, I've been in this store numerous times and have made purchases. I stopped in again over the weekend and once again, the workers never (NEVER!) greet shoppers, say hello, ask if they need help, and etc. I don't want workers trailing and pressuring me as I look around, but acknowledging that I'm there would be nice as well as letting me know someone is actually working and available if I have a question.   

I don't know exactly what's going on with their business, but I do know they have recently moved into a smaller space which leads me to believe they're not making as much money. Again, I stop in because I like to support local artists but for someone who doesn't care about  that, might only give it one shot. Last time I was there, two ladies walked in and said to each other, "What is this place?" and "I've seen enough. It's weird. Let's go." Maybe they would have stayed longer if someone greeted them. 

It also stinks for the artists that are selling their items there. The shop is not doing anything to help them sell! What's wrong with people? It doesn't take much energy to say hello and thank them for stopping in!!!

What do you think? Do you like to be acknowledged when you walk into a store?

3 Responses to “NaBloPoMo Day 4: What's Wrong With People?”

  1. Heck yeah I like to be greeted!!!!! COMMON COURTESY. When this happens to me the smart A** Karen,usually in a very enthusiastic voice, says "HELLO!!! How are you? " to people in stores when they choose to treat me this way. Have you ever said anything to the store staff? Do they have a website that you could send them an email? Or perhaps even a letter? I bet the artists would appreciate your heart felt feedback. Happy Hump Day!!!

  2. I admit I'm among the, likely, small amount of people who get put off a bit when I'm greeted. It really depends on the greeting. If it's, "Hi! How can I help you?" then I feel put on the spot. But I always appreciate, "Hello...please feel free to browse and let me know if I can help you," then I feel acknowledged but not as though someone is going to be tracking me throughout the store.

  3. Just wanted to add the owner of the store reached out and contacted me. She was apologetic and said she'd speak to workers. I have not visited the store since writing this, so I can't say personally if anything has changed but her email sounded sincere.



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