Thursday, November 06, 2014

NaBloPoMo Day 6: Yours truly, Lisa Ahmed

As I was going through the mail yesterday I noticed that I got a piece of our neighbor's mail. I didn't recognize the name but the street name was the same as mine, so I just assumed it got mixed in with ours, which happens occasionally. I kept thumbing through the mail and came to the postcard again but this time noticed that it was an invite to an open house to a spa that I go to. My mind instantly jumps to, "Why didn't I get invited? I go there too!" and landed on, "I guess Lisa Ahmed spends more money there, that's why." 

A few more minutes pass and I start thinking about it again. I walked back over to the postcard, picked it up, and looked at the house number. It's my house number. From here I guess that it's just an office mix-up and Lisa's down the street holding my invite. Good, I feel better about being invited.  

And then it hits me. I'M LISA AHMED! LISA AHMED IS ME!

I remembered that during my last appointment the name Lisa Ahmed somehow got attached to my file. I corrected them and they made a big deal about making sure they'd change it in the computer to avoid confusion. I laughed hysterically once I figured it out because this random stuff always happens to me. I wonder did the receptionist hear me wrong when I made the appointment? Did she not look at my paperwork and ID correctly? Maybe I just look like a Lisa and she went with it. Who is Lisa Ahmed? I think she's a successful lawyer, looking for love, but often misunderstood. She likes white wine spritzers, is allergic to cats, and likes the smell of Scotch tape.  

Who do you think Lisa Ahmed is?

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