Friday, November 14, 2014

Products I've tried lately. One is edible. The other two are not.

Let's chat about stuff today. Specifically, stuff I've recently tried out for the first time. Product review time. Lets go!

I'm a fan of the Immaculate Brand. Everything I've tried is great so far (cinnamon rolls, chocolate rolls, pie crust, crescent rolls, biscuits...see? everything is good) but have never seen the pretzel dough before this week. 
 I'm not a huge fan of soft pretzels, but Vaughn had a blast twisting them into pretzel-shapes. They grew on me though! I kept breaking off a piece every time I walked on by. Next time I think it would be fun to add cinnamon and sugar after baking for the ultimate treat!

Don't eat the next two items!
This little gem was a part of Sephora's November birthday gift. (Are you a rewards member? If not, sign up! One of the perks is a free birthday gift!) I have tiny eyes and eyelashes and am always scared of a big mascara wand, but I'm really liking this one. I think the taper makes the difference. 

I picked this up at Whole Foods on a whim one day when my skin was excessively dry. I didn't get a good shot of the top - it works like a giant chapstick, you twist the bottom for more to come up. The balm smells citrusy and it's not too oily. I like it, but it's not a perfect product. Not sure if I'll restock when I run out of this one.  

I love trying new things. What have you tried out lately?

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