Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What else are doorknobs for?

Currently there are coats hanging from both doorknobs on the hall closet door. There's one hook on the door and 3 of Vaughn's jackets are hanging from them. There's a coat on the floor, one draped across a kitchen chair, and nearby in the laundry room, there's a coat hanging from another doorknob and one jacket hanging from a hook. I'm hanging on by a thread here, people! Where are all the coats coming from?! It's as if the kids are displaying them! 

Because I cannot continue to live in these conditions, I went out and bought the big pack of Command hooks. The good news is that the kids now have more than enough coat placement options. The bad news is that I actually found a coat on the floor today. Looks like we need to go over our roommate agreement again. Animals.


Monday it was brown rice noodles, haricot vert's, and French bread.  
Tuesday it was Tuscan Bean Soup. (Add Sriracha on top!) 
Wednesday it is burrito bowls and guacamole. 

One Response to “What else are doorknobs for?”

  1. The jacket/coat post gave me a good laugh! Your writing was great! Off the cuff, stream-of-consciousness, funny. :) Thanks!



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