Friday, November 28, 2014

What's Your Favorite Yoga Mat?

Now that we've stuffed ourselves silly, time to get moving again. Let's talk yoga mats. I need a new one and I need suggestions. 

Currently, I'm using Lululemon's The Mat. It's a heavy, thick mat and it works great because it provides extra cushion for my bony tailbone at mat Pilates classes. It's two sided but I primarily use the side that is extra "sticky". The opposite side is smoother and my feet tend to slip. What's the drawback? It smells like rubber and it's harshing my daily flow! 

The Mat's packaging, as well as the website, acknowledges the smell but claims that it will go away. I've aired it out and have cleaned it but nothing. The rubber smells wears off on my body, especially my hands, and drives me nuts until I take a shower. Time to move on! 

What's your favorite mat? Point me in the right direction! Thanks!

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