Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Here's To Being Better

2104 was pretty good to me. (Wow! It flew by!) I stumbled into some freelance work, had fun learning more about graphic design and have loved designing printables. I am excited to keep creating in this manner. I successfully changed my blog name, opened up an Etsy shop and look forward to putting more time and energy into that in the new year. BlogHer has featured a few of my posts which is always exciting and reassurance that I'm doing something right. I was asked back to round 2 of Disney's Mom Panel search and who knows, I may try again next year. I know it doesn't sound like a "win" since I didn't make the final cut, but I still felt proud of myself for being selected among thousands. I continue to have popular projects on Pinterest and Buzzfeed and a highlight this year was having my Perfect Polish post included in Birchbox's November magazine. (Sorry to all of those readers for having to see my feet up and close again!)

I am, as always, thankful for the life that I am living. I have a wonderful husband, fantastic kids, and a family like no other could ask for. I am truly blessed.

My resolution is always to Be Better. Meaning, whatever I do, find a way to do it just a bit better. Sure, I have a list of what and how I want 2015 to be different but looking at it all together is overwhelming. Going in to the New Year with this intention is enough of a push and a reminder for me.

This is how I rang in the New Year last year and this year I'll be at a friend's house with my family. (No outfit decisions have been made yet, nor what appetizer we'll be bringing. Decisions, decisions...)

Here's wishing everyone a very Happy New Year! How will you be celebrating tonight?


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