Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Lucky Food For New Years Day

I believe the only reason that I like sauerkraut as an adult is because every New Years Day my parents made me take at least one bite for luck. Surprisingly, my tastebuds eventually wore down and
and as I got older, I voluntarily ate (and enjoyed) the weird-looking and odd-smelling pickled cabbage. As traditions keep going, I'm the one now chasing the kids with a fork full of it on New Years Day, telling them, "Just one bite!"

Growing up, pork and potatoes were always on the Lucky Menu too and when Justin and I got together he added his tradition of eating black eyed peas on New Years Day. Those, by the way, I have not developed a palate for and every year I hold my nose to get one bite down. I do the same with a bite of pork. I'd rather not eat it but I feel that I have to take just one bite for luck's sake. A little insurance, you know.

Epicurious wrote this about traditional lucky foods and I made a Pinterest board in hopes of finding a new fish or greens recipe. They also point out what is considered to be unlucky. Might want to reconsider that chicken dish.

What lucky foods do you eat on New Years Day?

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