Thursday, January 29, 2015

2015 Superbowl Style

Let's be real here. I can't even pretend to be excited about the Superbowl. While I loathe football, I am quite fond of the two members of this household that love it, so I support them by making snacks of their choices. This year, we'll be at home, so the format is everyone gets a choice. Here goes!

Justin's choice is chicken wings. I don't eat them, but according to Justin, I make pretty good ones. Vance's pick is 7 layer dip, but in reality when I make it, it's only 4 and some change. Vaughn chose turkey sandwiches with a specific demand that they be cut into little triangles. Edamame found it's way on the menu because the kids love it and I have a bag that needs to be used. I'm choosing brownies because I have a football shaped dish and it's my attempt to be festive and fun. 

Drawn up, it looks like this:

In real life, it may look like this, minus a couple:

I don't even know who's playing - do you? What will you be snacking on? 
(Think Justin will mind when I ask him to turn to Downton on Sunday night???)

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