Thursday, January 08, 2015

Do Your Chores: Free Printable

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Vance: Mom, I cleaned your bathroom mirror!
Me: (leery) What...did you clean it with?
Vance: My shirt!
Me: Your shirt?
Vance: Well, I used my bare hand too.
Me: ...blank stare, mouth agape...
Vance: What!? Would you rather have a dirty mirror?

Vance is not normally this helpful but as of three days ago, he's all about the Benjamin's, baby. He wants to treat Justin on an all expense paid trip to Denver to see the Bronco's play and needs some serious funds, especially since he wants to stay at the Four Seasons. Unfortunately, he shares my taste of the finer things in life. Fortunately, he inherited Justin's good sense and has a cheaper Plan B and C just in case he doesn't earn enough dough.

This is what has prompted Vance and Vaughn's voluntary cleaning and odd-job doing around the house. (Vaughn is not part of this boys trip, but if Vance is doing something, she wants in pronto.) (See last post.) They are nickel and diming me to death doing chores that I end up partially re-doing (I can't handle streaky mirrors) and I need to harness their energy with a chore list stat.

I've never made a real chore chart and was unsure on where to start. An internet search quickly helped me decide that a day of the week style chart doesn't work our busy schedule. Breaking tasks into "Daily" and "Weekly" categories seemed to be a better alternative. And then I threw a "Practice" category in there for good measure.

As for the money portion, I don't know where I stand with allowances. Without diving too deep, I know it can help kids understand money, but I think there are some chores kids should do without expecting to get paid. I'll figure that out later, but for now I'm focusing on the fact that they are asking to do more than what's expected of them. I'm not sure of the going rate but paying them what their age is seems like a good place to start.

The hard part will be for me to remember to get cash to pay them since I never have any on me. Hmm...I wonder if they'll accept Visa? IOU's? In all honesty, knowing my kids, they get hot on an idea and then loose interest. Let's see how long they keep this up. Any bets?

Here's a printable version for you in case your kids are feeling helpful too. (I left the file open so that it can be edited if you have a supporting program. If not, just hand write chores in.)

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