Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Fortune Cookie Eraser Valentines with Free Printable

Erasers are the thing now. They come in every shape possible and if that's not enough, some fit together like puzzles, because kids don't have nearly enough toys to play with. Like most toys, I find them scattered all over the house and even though it's my first instinct to dislike them, I think they're adorable. Little ice cream cones, penguins, soccer balls, I could go on and on. My kids are crazy about them and I'm guessing yours are too! 

Enter Friendship Party season. I was hoping Vaughn was going to pick the cupcake and ice cream erasers to pass out to classmates, but she loved the fortune cookies from the get-go. I found them  at Target (they have a slit already cut into the back of them) but have seen them online also. It's also a fun alternative to a non-candy treat! What I did has been done before, but here's my spin.  
I made a quick printable with fortunes and printed them onto card stock. Click HERE to download. This is an important tip, because the slits in the erasers are a bit wide. In order for the fortune to stay tucked inside, the paper needs to be thicker. 
Cut along the lines and don't forget the signature!
Then you can play with them. Or not. (I couldn't help myself. The sun came out and the natural light was a nice reprieve from our gray winter days.)
Fold them down the middle and tuck inside the the slit.
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