Friday, January 09, 2015

Friday 5: Celebrating Simplicity

5 simple happenings from the week worth celebrating.

Here's to Justin for hanging the crown in the dining room. 
We weren't sure how to handle it with the reclaimed wood, but are happy with the direction we chose. Still can't stick a fork in the dining room yet, but we're close. 
*Update: I've received emails about the wood wall - here's more about the process: Phase 1 and Phase 2

Here's to Mother Nature for trying to get on our good side before she brought in bitter cold temps and gray skies. 

 Here's to finding the magic degree in which Vance won't fight wearing shorts and a coat. Apparently it's 10 degrees and -11 degrees with wind chill factored in.

Here's to the shoe fairy hooking me up. (His name is Kevin and he hails from Nordstrom.) 
The boots I wanted have been unavailable for over a month now and I can't wait on backorder lists any longer. I stumbled into the shoe department and asked Kevin to bring me any winter boots they had in a 7.5, knowing I was going to have to settle on something I might not love. He brought me these, they fit, and they were on sale! Bippidy, boppidy, boo! 

Here's to Vaughn, simply because she's a walking rainbow and I can't get enough of her. 

What are you toasting to tonight?

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