Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday 5: Celebrating Simplicity

5 simple happenings from the week worth celebrating. 

Here's to watch week at dance class. 
(Dance class is mysterious in the sense that Vaughn goes in and 75 minutes later she comes out, not having anything to say about class, even with me prodding. Parents get 2 or 3 chances to go in and it's much appreciated.)

Here's to trying to grow an avocado plant despite the frigid elements outdoors.
(Regardless of me telling the kids over and over that we don't have the right climate to grow avocados, excitement hasn't faded on their end.) 

Here's to finishing another item for my Etsy store. 
(Check it out and all my other items HERE!)

Here's to Mythic Oil. It's changed my hair-doing life.
(I rarely buy products at my salon, but it came highly recommended. It's an oil that comes out in a fine spray which tames frizz and leaves hair smooth and shiny. I've also noticed it combats creases from sleeping, meaning I don't have to wash my hair everyday and flat iron it less. I even use it on the kid's hair now. I've given my stylist the go-ahead that if she ever hears of this being discontinued to buy an extra case for me.)

Here's to the dress. What do you see? White and gold or blue and black? 
(I'm the only one in the house that sees white and gold. It's been fun though! Here's the story and the source of the picture)

Cheers! What are you celebrating tonight?

One Response to “Friday 5: Celebrating Simplicity”

  1. Looks like you've had a good week and what a darling hoop! Toasting to the good life...tgif!



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