Monday, February 09, 2015

Grammy Differences

Song of the Year | Record of the Year | Album of the Year

What's the diff? I had to look them up to because I had forgotten, too.

The Song of the Year award is for the songwriter of one song. The Record of the Year award is for the artist, producers, engineers, and mixers for one song from an album. The Album of the Year award is for the entire team, but for the entire album of work. 

{In case you didn't watch last night, Sam Smith won for Song and Record of the Year (plus a bunch of others) and Beck won for Album of the year. I haven't listened to Beck since their Odelay album, so looks like I need to check them out again.}

Sadly, I yawned through the The Grammy's. I wanted more dance numbers, less ballads. I loved Sia and Kristen Wiig, after I understood what the hell was going on. Let's be serious though, my favorite action is always on the Red Carpet. Off the top of my head, Rhianna and Gwen were two of my faves. Nick Jonas's footwear bothered me as did Madonna's...dress?...leotard? whatever it was. 

It snowed here last Wednesday and on Saturday it reached 71 degrees. Sunday was beautiful too and, needless to say, it was an amazing weekend just because of the weather. We soaked up every ounce of sunshine knowing Monday is going to cold and gray again. A big thumbs down to that! 

Will have to dig deep and go within to find some internal sunshine today! Happy Monday! 

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