Thursday, April 23, 2015

Fast Fajitas!

Hiya! I mentioned on Sunday's menu that Thursday is fajita night and wanted to share how my family does fajita night. It's super easy and a crowd pleaser! 

Cut up yo' veggies and sauté them. Some nights we'll leave it at that and others I'll cook chicken to add to the mix. 

I'm normally not a sauce-in-the-bag type of girl, but this caught my eye awhile ago when I noticed the Frontera logo on it and decided to give it a try. (For those not familiar with the brand, it's owned by chef Rick Bayless.) Add the Frontera Fajita sauce to your sautéed veggies and cooked meat and let it simmer. Depending on how much I'm cooking, sometimes I won't use the whole bag. Just use your judgment. 

When you're ready serve with warm tortillas, desired toppings, and (my favorite side!) guacamole.
Look how perfect those avocados are!!

This week has been busy for us - looking forward to having tonight off and eating dinner as a family! Ole!

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