Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday 5: Celebrating Simplicty

5 simple happenings from the week worth celebrating.

Here's to Vaughn and her hair. 
(Bending the rules a bit because this actually happened last Friday afternoon -Vaughn has been growing her hair out to donate and it was finally time to make the cut. She's excited about her new look and I'm excited to not fight tangles every morning!) 

Here's to making cute things.
(These are napkin holders that Vaughn and I made for Easter brunch. They were really easy and quick to make and turned out adorable. Made from an egg carton and a paper towel tube!)

Here's to school field trips.
(I went to the Science Center with Vaughn's class this week. Vaughn channeled Violet Beauregarde, did some fun science experiments, and I didn't lose any kids. Success!) 

Here's to Rocking the Vote.
(A rainy and stormy day had me looking like the uni-bomber, but I got 'er done and the proposition for our school passed!)

Here's to mobile work centers.
(With the kids having last Friday off school, this week's half-day caught me by surprise. I packed my kids, plus a few extras, up and got some work done while they burned some energy at Sky Zone.)

We've been hit with some pretty strong storms over the past few days but they seem to be over and the sun is already shining today. Double cheers to that!

Have fun celebrating your simple stuff too! Cheers! 

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