Sunday, April 19, 2015

Love to Cook, Hate to Plan weekly menu 4/20 - 4/26 (Week 4)

On Monday I'll keep it fast and simple with salads and bread. (The kids usually grab an apple, a kiwi, or a handful of baby carrots to go with every meal.)

Tuesday is busy and everyone will eat at a different time, so a pot of soup is perfect. I'll make bean and cheese quesadillas and keep them warm in the oven for whoever wants to grab one.

Wednesday is also busy and it's one of those nights where I wish dinner was offered in a pill form. (One gulp and no cleanup!) Leftovers or Diner's Choice! of what can be found in the pantry.

On Thursday we'll celebrate with fajitas because it's a free night. No activities! I'll be back later this week with how I do the fajita dance.

On Friday we'll hopefully have nice weather and will do pizzas on the grill. I'll sauté mushrooms, onions, a red pepper, and grate mozzarella cheese for toppings. Oh and goat cheese. Pizza is better with goat cheese. 

Saturday is for salmon and I'm going to try it like Rebecca and her Blue Apron meal. See it HERE

Slider Sunday is becoming a thing and I'm going with it because a peaceful dinner where everyone eats is the best kind of dinner. I didn't list it but I might pick up a bag of Alexia fries to go with. 


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2 Responses to “Love to Cook, Hate to Plan weekly menu 4/20 - 4/26 (Week 4)”

  1. Looks like another yummy week of meals for your family. Where do you get Alexis fries? Is that a Trader Joe's item? Thanks!

  2. They can be found at normal grocery stores or Whole Foods. I've tried their rolls and a couple different types of the fries and all have been good. Definitely worth it!



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