Friday, May 08, 2015

Friday 5: Celebrating Simplicity

5 simple things from the week worth a little celebration. 

(I find her amazingly interesting and loved looking at these pictures of her wardrobe that have been locked up for the past 50 years, per her husband's request.)
Photo Cred: Ishiuchi Miyako
Here's to Vaughn's birthday. 
(I owe her a birthday post and will get to that as soon as the shock of the baby being 7 wears off.)

Here's to surviving another field trip.
(Thankful for the other parents that go along that make the adventure even more fun. Last one for Vance as a 4th grader!)

 Here's to new stuff!

Here's to all the Moms!
 (I'm looking forward to lunch with the ladies today for an early Mother's Day celebration!
Pardon the old picture
What are you celebrating this weekend? Enjoy it!

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5 Responses to “Friday 5: Celebrating Simplicity”

  1. I have those same planters! Good choice and wish I was there to celebrate with you ladies today...cheers to champs and Cardwell's!

    1. No way, really?! Great minds think alike! Missed you today! Cheers!

  2. Speaking of those planters...I sat up a bit straighter when I read, "self-watering." Would you provide a link, please, to where you bought them? Thanks and happy weekend!

  3. I found them at but then ordered them through Amazon so I could get them with 2 day delivery because I'm impatient. :) I put a link up in the description. Have a great weekend!



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