Thursday, June 04, 2015

Baseball Wreath

This is the Texas-sized wreath that barely fits on my Missouri-sized front door. 
Oh, how this project tested my patience! Plan A didn't work, neither did Plan B or Plan C, and I lost count when Plan D rolled around. BUT! As much as I wanted to trash the whole thing, I was too involved and decided it was a Tim Gunn "Make It Work Moment" and just finished the sucker. I know it's not too horrible, I mean, I've seen much worse homemade wreaths out there, and I've received compliments on it, but it just wasn't what I had intended. That's my biggest beef about this wreath. I'm not going to draw this out and take you through what I initially wanted or all the failed steps but here's a quick summary. 

I started with Smoothfoam balls and spray painted them white, just to give them a coating and fill in the cracks a bit. 

When they were dry, I drew baseballs lines onto them. Pencil first, then Sharpie.

Then I went back over the red lines with black and added dots at the end of the stitch marks to make everything look more dimensional. 

This is the only failed step I will share: do not attempt to spray a clear coat of poly onto them! It makes the Sharpie Run and fortunately I found out before I ruined all of them. The ones that did run, I was able to hide them in the ruffled deco mesh. (But how cute do they look like this?!) 

To attach them onto the wreath, I squirted a small amount of hot glue into the hole on the bottom of the ball and stuck in a piece of thin wire. (Fold the top before sticking it into the glue. It will add stability.) 

This is the point in the project that my language really got colorful!!  I had little patience with making  the Deco Mesh ruffles and attaching them onto the wreath form. The whole thing is just too tedious and I didn't enjoy it. I staggered the baseballs and used the wire to attach them to the wreath form. It was looking a bit boring so I used some ribbon that I had on hand to add a bit of flair. (Purple for Vaughn's softball team and black for Vance's team.) Still it needed something, so I hung a white M from fishing line from the wreath hanger, so it would hang in the middle of the wreath. 

There you go, how to (or how not to) make a baseball wreath! 

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