Monday, June 15, 2015

Make This: Quick Candle Holders for Kids

Vaughn and I had an impromptu girl's night, so I came up with a quick craft for us to do. Bonus! They dry really fast and we used them for added ambiance while watching a movie later that night. Another great thing about this project is that it can be be tailored to fit kids of all ages. Let's do this!

What you'll need:
Tissue Paper
Glass Jar
Modge Podge (or watered down white glue)
Paint brush

Start by getting your tissue paper ready. Vaughn wanted to use paper cutters to punch out shapes for hers, but tearing and cutting also works. (Pre-cut tissue paper for little ones and it will make it easier for them. For older kids, patterns, overlapping, and more intricate designs can be used to add more interest and difficulty.)

I used matte finish Modge Podge, but I think watered down white glue would work fine too. (I added just a bit of water to my Modge Podge to loosen it up a bit for this project.) Pour a little onto a paper plate and work in sections around the jar. Paint a little Modge Podge onto the jar, use the brush to pick a piece of tissue paper and stick it onto the jar. Brush over the tissue paper to make sure it's covered with the Modge Podge and continue until you're done. Use really thin layers of Modge Podge and make sure the kiddos aren't globbing it on.

In a sunny spot, ours dried in a couple of hours and we used battery votives to light ours. 

Keep this in mind if you need a quick project! The kids will love it!

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