Thursday, August 20, 2015

Ideas for Fall Planters

While I'm not ready to say goodbye to summer just yet, I am ready to kick my summer flowers to the curb. Look at these leggy, overgrown, half-dead flowers that are standing post at my front door. Not the best way to welcome guests! And I should mention, with this situation in the front and the corn that Vance is growing in the back landscaping, we're well on our way of becoming "those" neighbors. 

I've started looking around and gathering ideas for fall planters and hopefully will have my little situation remedied in a couple of weeks. Here's a few ideas and a link to my Pinterest board in case you need help too. 

Source: The Graceful Gardener
Plant Fall Color
Source: Southern Living
Source: Mahoney's Garden 

One Response to “Ideas for Fall Planters”

  1. Looking forward to see what you will put in yours for the fall!



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