Tuesday, August 25, 2015

MISSING: 2 PB Couches and My Patience

Friday started out just right but then came to a halt when I called to check the status of our new couches. (I mean, they should be here by now! I even chose the "quick ship" fabric!) It took 3 phone calls to the barn of pottery for them to realize that they have misplaced them. As in, they don't know where they are. Yes, my two silver taupe Chesterfield couches are at large. POTTERY BARN HAS LOST MY COUCHES. Is Phoebe behind this, or am I just a magnet for mishaps?

Don't you worry though! A representative has my name and she told me that she will call me on Monday with an update. (Update: She never called!) She warned though, that she probably won't know anything because it takes 3-5 days to locate lost items that have a locator but 7-10 days for those items without. The silver lining is that we have one of each, so they're both not totally lost. Just one of them. 

I will say that Pottery Barn's customer service has always impressed me and that's why I keep going back. (Remember the saga of the smelly rug?) I'm sure they'll make this right.

Moving on from the couches, we've been waiting on bathroom light fixtures to be delivered so that we (Justin) can finish painting our bathroom. They were delivered on Friday and when we (Justin) went to hang them, we (Justin) discovered that they are too big by about 1/4 of an inch and will not work. We (Justin) had already taken one fixture down, so it'll continue to be a bit dark in our bathroom until the new ones arrive. Fingers crossed that the new ones fit and do not get misplaced during shipping too.

Knowing that these things usually happen in three's and the fact that we just picked out a new fireplace is making me nervous. Excuse me, I need to go throw 9 lemons in a bowl for good luck.

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