Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday 5: Celebrating Simplicity

5 simple things from the week worth a little celebration. 

Here's to another great baseball season and a break from keeping white baseball pants clean.  
Vance played approximately 57 games this season and yet, I was sad to see the last one come and go. I love watching him play and will miss our baseball family - and sunsets like this on night games!

Here's to not shelling out any money to the orthodontist...yet!
Braces are definitely in Vance's future, but the doc thinks he's still a couple years away. Phew!

Here's to half-day's from school and extra time with at least one of the kids!
The kids missed art class due to the half day, so Vaughn requested that we do a project at home instead. (Vance said, "See ya!" and went to a friends house instead.) This was a super-cute 3-D flower made from paper plates and tempera paint. Such a fun end result!

Here's to new adventures!
Vaughn has officially been a Brownie for a whole 2 days and we're already hiking with the troop this weekend. The planned wilderness adventures are making me feel a bit like Phyllis Nefler and the iron on patches are falling off, so I've got some physical and mental work to do! Be prepared for Cookie Time!

Here's to this love-to-hate stocking!
A little update - this week I finished everything on the tree, the lollipop, the gingerbread girl and the boy is half done. It doesn't sound like a lot but I had to do the star twice because the string broke and the sequins fell off. The gingerbread people are lined in teeny-tiny chain stitches, which aren't my best work. I tend to work on this at night, when the lighting is bad and it's near impossible to see anything. Also, Vance used my Joyce Chen's to cut apart a baseball, which left me with wonky scissors that barely cut and I can't seem to remember to order a new pair. It's a battle, I tell ya! Enough with the whining. Christmas is just 97 days away and I need to step it up.

What are you celebrating from the week? Hope you have a great weekend!

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One Response to “Friday 5: Celebrating Simplicity”

  1. Those stockings are tedious! I've made one and attempted another but just couldn't finish it. Love that Vaughnie is a brownie and have fun on your hike this weekend. Cheers ;)



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