Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday 5: Celebrating Simplicity

Five simple happenings from the week worth celebrating.

Here's to progress in the missing couch!
Very long story short, and after being on hold for a very long time, a social media team lead got in touch with me and made me feel better about #couchgate and offered some answers. (See, Instagram and Twitter are productive!)

Here's to the deer not eating this little guy and letting him ripen, so that we could eat him. 
Don't be jealous, but I've harvested seven of these teeny tomatoes. You read that right, 7.
It helps if you think of it as you're growing food for the deer and not for human consumption or for aesthetic purposes. If you add up all the jalapeños, red bell peppers, beans, hosta, purple balloon flowers, pink flowers I don't know the name of, coleus, and parsley then the deer have eaten well!

Here's to Oxi Clean saving my favorite sweater, when normal stain remover and washing failed. 
I don't know what it's made from, but it's a container of magic in my book.

Here's to soaking up beautiful fall days.
Vaughn's friend who lives down the street is moving away soon. These two little girlies are going to miss each other!

Here's to being one step closer to being done with this stocking. 
This week, so far, I've finished more of the candy at the bottom. A few more pieces to go and then I can start on the lady in the middle!

What are you toasting to this weekend? Whatever it is, enjoy it! 

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3 Responses to “Friday 5: Celebrating Simplicity”

  1. Love the stocking...I should probably start one :) TGIF!

  2. Here here! Great list of things to celebrate! Oxy really is a life saver! I'm celebrating that fact that while I've had six straight nights of fun social events, I finally get to reunite with my sweatpants and couch tonight for a lazy evening at home.

    1. That's a huge reason to celebrate! :) Enjoy it! Thanks for stopping by Kacy!



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