Friday, September 04, 2015

Friday 5

5 simple happenings from the week worth a little celebration.

I added more hearts to my Etsy site. 
The last batch went to a Mom who sent her Kindergartner off for his first day of school with one of these in his pockets. So sweet and so glad I made something that helped both of them get through the day!

 Who's ready for a little couch update?
After a solid 10 days of calling and logging 4 pages of notes, I think I finally have gotten somewhere. PB has finally confirmed that the couches are lost, as in, they have no idea where they went. "Like a goddamn magic show!" (Name that movie!) Replacement couches have been ordered, but I still haven't made the appointment to have my old couches picked up yet. Still a bit leery and don't want to be left with an empty room. (Although think about all the cartwheels that could be done in that big empty space....)

I bought this pumpkin (fake, but cute!) in hopes that it will bring some sweater weather. For crying out loud, it's September and still in the 90's! 

Speaking of sweating...A hot and humid night to be in the stands let alone wearing catcher's gear. His team may have lost, but Vance made some good plays. Atta boy!  

Speaking of atta boy's...How about an Atta Girl for Vaughn's first softball injury! She took a pitch to the leg while catching, but still kept going. (And earned herself some sympathy points after the game!) 

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. Cheers!

One Response to “Friday 5”

  1. Those hearts are so stinking' cute! Glad to hear about your couches now let's see how fast they will be delivered to you. TGIF!



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