Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday 5

Coming back from a holiday weekend is always a little tough. Monday felt like Sunday, Tuesday felt like Monday, and I was pretty sure Wednesday was Friday. Or at least I really, really, wanted it to be. Here's 5 happenings from my week.

These grapes were a hot button issue on my Facebook feed and I felt compelled to give them a try. They're called Cotton Candy grapes and they taste like, you guessed it, cotton candy. I felt indifferent about them but thought for sure the kids would like them. To my surprise, only one did. While I don't need to ever buy them again, it was fun to try something new.

The guilt associated with Vaughn's stocking (or lack there of) still eats away at me, so I pulled it out of the drawer and started working on it again. Truth, I wanted to put it right back in that drawer because of those candy canes. So tiny, yet so many stitches! I better speed it up because there's only 104 days until Christmas!
While driving, I passed a truck that was full of hay bales and pumpkins and I may or may not have shrieked out loud as soon as I saw them. I'm ready for pumpkin everything! (I didn't get a picture but it looked just like this, minus the wonky back wheel.)

I saw this cloud formation and in Field of Dreams style, I heard "Go the distance." Walt, was this you, buddy? 

I read in The Skimm (if you don't belong, you're missing out. Click HERE to get it) how Variety magazine accidentally published the obituary for Monty Python member, Terry Gilliam and it reminded me of one of my favorite sketches. Pining for the fjords is one of the best lines ever and it's always great to start the day with a laugh!

This weekend will find us splitting time between 3 soccer games, 2 baseball games, 1 softball practice, and 1 birthday party. Here's hoping you have something a little more relaxing planned. Whatever it is, enjoy! Cheers!

2 Responses to “Friday 5”

  1. Anne DeToye Moore10:22 AM

    We tried the cotton candy grapes last week. And surprisingly, neither of my kids liked them! They want their grapes to taste like grapes.

    1. Agreed! Strange, aren't they? There's a lot of weird science going on there! :)



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