Sunday, November 01, 2015

Love to Cook, Hate to Plan: Weekly Dinner Menu (Week 18)

Week of 11/2 - 11/8
This week's menu was a chore to plan, but so glad I powered through! It feels good to have a plan amongst the chaos that this week's activities will bring. On top of Vaughn's soccer practices and gymnastics, baseball and basketball starts this week for Vance. I'm tired just thinking about all the chauffeuring! :)

Chicken Pot Pie Soup on Monday, because I needed something that could be eaten in shifts. Plus, Vaughn, who normally doesn't like soup, said she wanted to try it. Fingers crossed! 

Taco Tuesday. Ole!

For Wednesday, I'll thaw leftover chili and make macaroni noodles to go with.

Thursday we'll have some sort of pasta and salad. 

Pizza on Friday!

Out for dinner on Saturday. Kitchen is closed!

We'll wind down the weekend with chicken fajitas, rice, and guac on Sunday. Maybe a few 'rita's too!

What's one thing on your menu this week? 

2 Responses to “Love to Cook, Hate to Plan: Weekly Dinner Menu (Week 18)”

  1. Do Crackerfuls count? They're pretty much a constant in our house. Yes, sadly, sometimes even for a meal. Not because we can't afford more. It's just our planning meals ahead is non-existent. I read your menus every week with a combination of envy and admiration. We don't even have the activity level that your house does. It's just that every day arrives and the question of what to do for dinner pops up at some point and by then it's far too late to have planned ahead. You know what though? I'm going to make it a personal challenge this week to find a recipe, plan buying the groceries and make it! :)

    1. I love it, Delphi! Let me know what you choose and how you do!



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