Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Week!

Can't believe Christmas is almost here! Are you ready?!? 

It's kind of a "ready or not" situation around here. I think I'm paying the price for escaping cold/flu season unscathed for the past few years. I've been hit hard the past month and it's limited what we've done in terms of Christmas traditions. The kids and Justin did a great job decorating the tree (I directed from the couch), no pictures with the mall-Santa (Vaughn went with a friend to see him at the mall and then caught up with him again when he rolled through our neighborhood. Vance was at basketball practice and missed him.), and no drive-thru Christmas lights, but enough of what we haven't done! It's still been a great season and I'm looking forward to celebrating and seeing family very soon!!  

It took 3 stores, but I tracked down two gingerbread houses last week for the kids. Next year, I'm getting one for myself!

Christmas cookies are done! Gingerbread, sugar, chocolate chip, peanut butter kisses, chocolate crinkle, and 3 batches of oatmeal (2 with raisins, 1 without).

Happy Holidays, everyone! Peace and Love from us to you!

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