Friday, December 04, 2015

Friday 5

You know how in the second Hunger Games movie they realize the island is like a clock and each hour brings a new thing to endure? My life has been similar to that for the past 3 weeks now, thankfully not the hour part, but each week I seem to have a different symptom of the flu. (Yes, I had a flu shot.) I thought I had kicked it last week but this week brought chills, aches, and fever. I'm off to see the doctor on Monday and hopefully she can give some magic pill to make it all go away. (Ha!) I have zero holiday spirit right now and that's why it's been quiet around here. What I have for you today is a collection of pictures from the past two weeks.

Here was the centerpiece for Thanksgiving.

I wanted a new holiday t-shirt, so I made one. If you're wanting one, click HERE. (I'm new to Zazzle and this design only works on a white t-shirt. If you'd like a dark one, let me know, and I'll remake one.)

My kids love Christmas movies. If yours do too, here's a line up from ABC.

Before the fever and chills hit this week, I made a trip to Trader Joe's and picked up Harry and David pears and a glittery white poinsettia. Both made me overly happy. 

Remember that trip Vance was planning for Justin? It actually happened and they had a great, but extremely cold, time. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

One Response to “Friday 5”

  1. Your centerpiece from Turkey Day was beautiful! So glad to see that you used your china too ;) Cute t and I have plans to make a couple shirts too. Always fun to do ;) Hope you get some rest this weekend and start feeling better. Maybe a glass of champs would help? xo



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